When is it time to start looking for an assisted living facility?

The time to start looking for an assisted living facility is when you notice your loved one is becoming challenged with preforming activities of daily living. Perhaps they have forgotten to pay the utility bill, dress in the same clothes day after day or are forgetting to take medication. Have you noticed bruises? This may be an indication that they have fallen. Take note of their gait.  Is there an unsteadiness? Moving about a room touching the furniture as they make their way may mean a balance problem. This may also indicate poor eyesight. Are they unable to account for missing money? Many times Seniors with dementia  suffer from the inability to make responsible financial decisions. This makes them easy targets for scams and con men. When driving to the store have they ever become lost? Do they call you during the day or night not remembering they have already talked to you.

These are some of the signs that will let you know when it is time to broach Assisted Living options. This is a difficult discussion. Many times the senior will be resistant denying anything is wrong. Be patient and listen. Their resistance and denial comes from fear. Many seniors do not know what assisted-living is, only remembering the “nursing homes” of their youth.

Ask for the assistance of your loved one’s physician. Many seniors respect their doctors and will more easily accept the suggestion of Assisted Living from them.

If you have siblings, have a family meeting and make sure everyone is on the same page. It only takes one resistant member to throw the entire placement process out the window. This is a difficult time for the senior as well as their family. Take advantage of the expertise available to you. Call and speak to a placement specialist. Even if your loved one is ready to accept The idea of Assisted Living, we can help you by recommending Home Care, Elder-law Attorneys, and Agencies that will be of assistance to you