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After doing some research on assisted living and nursing home care you’ve probably noticed the range of prices. Assisted living costs vary depending on a number of factors including the type of residence, the size, the services needed and the location of the community.

The average cost of assisted living here in the Daytona Beach area is around $3,500 a month. While the average cost is a little higher than the national average, all of the facilities offer complete services to cover all needs that your loved one has. Some of the basic services that are offered in assisted living include basic housekeeping, 2 or 3 daily meals, laundry, health and exercise programs, social programs, transportation, and 24-hour supervision and security. All of these are basic necessities to a senior living center. Some facilities will add “level of care” pricing on top of their base price depending on the services needed. Be sure to pay attention to what is included and what is added on.

Health aide or homemaker services average at around $3,400 a month. While this is around the same average as an assisted living community, you have to add in monthly costs of rent, property tax, groceries, utilities, and other costs of living. With an in-home care provider, you will still need to coordinate a schedule of care, medications, and what to do if the caregiver is out. This living situation also causes less interaction with peers and fewer activity options.

There are adult health care day centers that average around $1,500 a month and nursing homes that average $7,300 in the Daytona Beach area. There are important things to consider when looking at all of your options such as what is included, how many hours are included in the pricing, and what is best for your family and your loved one.

Don’t let sticker shock stop you from looking for the care your loved one needs and deserves. There are payment options and tips to pay for care. These options include Medicaid, veteran benefits, bridge loans, life insurance living benefits, and others that can make the financial side of assisted living easier for your family. Be sure to do your research to make the best decision for your family and loved one.