servicespageThe placement of a loved one into a senior home can often be an overwhelming and confusing task. There are so many concerns to be addressed, and often times the answers to your questions are hard to find.

Using our many years of combined experience we will assist you through this process in a professional and compassionate way. Our services are completely free as we are reimbursed solely by the chosen home placement facility. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by contacting us and allowing us to guide and serve you through this challenging endeavor.

Initial Consultation:  A team member  will meet with you to perform an individualized assessment of your needs and desires.  Areas targeted include : reason for placement, medical issues and limitations, level of care required, facility preference, social and religious preferences and financial affordability.  The information gathered will be used in locating the most appropriate placement.

Placement Tours:  If so desired, a team member will accompany you on tours of the communities which have been specifically selected for your consideration. Should you choose to tour the facilities alone, we will provide a check list of pertinent questions you may want to ask the prostective placement home. The answers  will aid you  in making the most informed decision possible. While we are joining  in this process to guide you, the selection of  your new home is left solely up to you.

Follow Up Services:  After the move into your new home, our team will follow up with you for the next 30 days. There is almost always an adjustment period after a move, and our visits aim to help aid in this transition. We will also be looking to see that you are being cared for, comfortable and safe. It is our sincere desire that you are happy and content in your new surroundings.