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Brett Althafer
Brett is a licensed clinical social worker. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Central Florida in 1998 with a Masters degree in Clinical Social Work. That same year he served as a member of the Volusia County Wildfire Crisis intervention team. While working in Volusia County for the past 16 years as a targeted case manager and mental health therapist, he invented and patented ACES, a technique used in anger management. He is well versed in helping individuals and families overcome the various life challenges that face them.
Desiree Vilanova
Desiree has a 22 year background in the Assisted Living industry. As owner and Administrator of state licensed “Tiffany on the River” Assisted Living Facility since 1994, she is an authority on the complexities involved when a family is confronted with the task of placing a loved one. As a member of FALA(Florida Assisted Living Association) she served on the State Board as “Representative for 17 beds and Under” She is owner of Volusia County’s only internet based healthcare resource guide.

The team of “Althafer Senior Placement and Referral Service” includes people of different backgrounds within the Healthcare field. This was done with purpose and intent. It is our belief that the combined experience and expertise of this assembled team will provide the very best solutions for our seniors and their families.

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